New Beginnings

//New Beginnings

As we enter 2017 we are reminded that life presents us with fresh new slates to create the story of our lives every single day. Life is full of potential, pregnant with possibility when we are fully present to the here and now.

Unfortunately, very few people are actually fully in the now. We spend a lot of time regretting things from the past and projecting those unresolved issues that we carry as burdens and even as badges of honour onto the present and the future.

We’ve all experienced multiple losses along the path of life; every change represents a loss as well as a new opportunity. Where we get hung up is when we don’t feel complete emotionally with what was, so we continue to carry those broken dreams, hopes and expectations until we find a way to reconcile ourselves with our past, with the losses we’ve experienced that still affect us today.

The vision I hold for myself in 2017 is to be living in the fullness of possibility every day. This is only possible because I have and continue to complete on my past as I go along. Now I am able to shift my focus and be here now as Ram Dass would say.

There are many ways to accomplish this and it isn’t generally something that happens overnight but it can be done!

The Grief Recovery Method is a great tool that once learned and implemented can be used over and over to help in cleaning up the past so that we can be more fully present. I encourage you to check it out and join me for the next 8 week educational support group starting on February 13th, 2017.


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