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Yvonne Racine, Life Celebrant and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, is passionately committed to teaching people how to move through the changes of life so they can be free to live fully and enjoy life again. With 25 years of experience working with people in the transformation of their lives, Yvonne not only has the training to be a Grief Recovery Specialist but also has the experience necessary to see them through.

New Beginnings

As we enter 2017 we are reminded that life presents us with fresh new slates to create the story of our lives every single day. Life is full of potential, pregnant with possibility when we

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More on Healing Through the Holidays

This season of celebration can be especially difficult after suffering the loss of a loved one. As you approach the holidays or any significant date after a loss it’s important to remember that intensified feelings

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Grief and Self-Soothing

No matter how much information we acquire about grief, the bottom line is still that when we grieve we experience pain. The pain of grief includes a full range of experiences such as fear, sadness,

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On The Meaning of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a cornerstone, actually a necessity in the healing process and is very much part of reconciliation after loss. There is a great deal of confusion and misunderstanding about what forgiveness really means however.

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Reflections on 63 Years

Celebrating 63 revolutions around the sun and I’m feeling a bit sentimental or nostalgic or something. It’s seems a bit surreal to think I’m 63, how did that happen? Ah yes, just another one of

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Deep Listening

Over the years I’ve become acutely aware that listening, really listening to each other and to our inner self is a rare thing. We tend to spend a lot more time thinking and talking than

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Latest In Grief Recovery News

From the Chaos of Spring to the Growth of Summer First Time Summer Program Starting June 15th!   Spring is in full bloom and the chaos that seems to accompany early spring seems to be

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