Finding Joy Again After Loss

The journey to joy after a significant loss can seem impossible when we’re in the midst of our grief. We often think we’ll never be happy again because of what happened and we’re also told

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Commitment to Freedom

What is it to forgive but to say I have been hurt by something and now I must acknowledge the pain and make a commitment to myself that I will not let what happened hurt

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Changing Perspectives

As I’ve grown older, and hopefully wiser, I’ve come to realize how important it is for me to change those perceptions that do not serve my happiness, abundance and creativity. I say perceptions because it’s

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Loss and Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a hot topic when we do grief work, or any time really. There is often unfinished business in relationships of all kinds that involves the way we've been hurt by the actions or

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Communication is the Key

Broken hearts need to be heard, to be witnessed, to be loved. Communicating our pain is not an easy thing to do which is one of the reasons our relationships tend to be so challenging.

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Grief and Beliefs

There are many kinds of losses that can trigger grief and there are many beliefs that can and do unnecessarily exacerbate the situation. Understanding how our beliefs can harm us is an important part of

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Grief and Celebrating Lives

I work with a lot of families as a Life Celebrant, helping them honour and remember their loved ones in ways that are right for them. There was a time when you pretty much had

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