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Living with Purpose, Passion and Compassion

7 Week Skype Series

This program is designed to help you understand and embrace your Ikigai as you change your relationship with yourself to a more accepting and compassionate one.

Life is much richer when we have a clear understanding of why we get up in the morning (Ikigai). This is what makes life worth living regardless of whether we are working, retired or otherwise.

If you are searching for more fulfillment and a kinder, gentler way to treat yourself then the LPPC program provides guidance and processes that will enable you to make the inner shift needed to live a more soul centered life.

If what you want is more harmonious relationships LPPC will provide you with the tools to do that too because all relationships start and end with the way we relate to ourselves.

This one on one program is offered via Skype so is available to anyone, anywhere who has Skype capabilities and has the will to change the way they see and treat themselves.

The first weekly session is up to one hour with the remaining six sessions 30 minutes each.

Your time investment also includes daily exercises and journaling.

Your financial investment for the program is $350.00 Cdn.

Your facilitator is Yvonne Racine, Certified Life Coach, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Life Celebrant who along with her training brings 30 years of personal research and development to the program.

Skype: yvonne.racine

Phone: 780-913-6466

Email: info@yvonneracine.com


Are you going through challenging times in relationship, with your work or with some significant change in life and would prefer individual, customized coaching that encompasses the whole person?

Are you in need of better, more compassionate self-care?

As a Certified Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor Yvonne also provides holistic coaching services tailored to meet your needs.

Coaching Service Fees: $100 per hour.