Journey to Self-Care and Emotional Wellbeing

//Journey to Self-Care and Emotional Wellbeing

For the past 30 years I have been on a quest to learn about and understand the emotional world. My fascination with the topic was motivated by my own challenges with emotional pain.

At a very young age my world was turned upside down and my journey on the emotional roller coaster began.

Born in an era and place where emotions were not acknowledged let alone understood, I really had nowhere to go with my emotional pain. I have of course come to realize that precious few people actually have any idea how to deal with their emotional pain so I’m part of a very large club. What I learned was to suppress my emotions and find whatever distractions I could to get through the day. That led to a lot of self-destructive behaviour which only worsened as I got older and encountered more losses and disappointments in life.

I went from desperately trying to get others to make me feel better and always being disillusioned which led to fearful and angry outbursts to periods of flatness and depression and back to trying to get what I needed from others and around and around the hamster wheel I went. For some 30 years this went on until I was finally brought to my knees and I just couldn’t keep doing what I was doing, I was on a self-destruct trajectory.

Then I started getting help and I found out that there was something I could do to help myself, to understand and to deal with what was happening in my inner world. It has been quite the journey as I did my own personal work and got training to be able to help others as well.

I am infinitely grateful for everything that I have learned along the way and I am dedicated to sharing it with others in whatever way I can. I have shared my work in workshops, through coaching and in the grief recovery work I have been doing the past few years.

In all areas of my work including my work as a life celebrant I see an enormous need for mental, emotional and spiritual self-care which is so very foreign to most people. So I’ve decided to answer the call from within to expand again and move more deeply into education in the areas of inner self care and emotional wellbeing.

I speak of my work as self-care for emotional wellbeing because I have come to understand and appreciate the role our emotions play in showing us what is going on for us mentally, physically and spiritually. When we learn to read and respond to our emotions correctly, we realize they are not the enemy, they are the doorway to wholeness and true health. With some education we can deal with the pain that arises in a healthy way so that it doesn’t turn into mental illness and worse.

I’m very excited to be able to offer this work and I will be posting soon about the first mini workshop I will be offering in Edmonton this spring.


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