Deep Listening

Over the years I’ve become acutely aware that listening, really listening to each other and to our inner self is a rare thing. We tend to spend a lot more time thinking and talking than

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Latest In Grief Recovery News

From the Chaos of Spring to the Growth of Summer First Time Summer Program Starting June 15th!   Spring is in full bloom and the chaos that seems to accompany early spring seems to be

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After Grief Recovery?

People often wonder why they should bother going back over past relationships to clean up the emotional incompletes. The simple answer is that it frees up the energy to be present to what is possible

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Waves and Undertow of Grief

We often refer to grief as coming in waves. This is so very true. The overwhelming feelings often start off as huge waves that seem to crash over us with unrelenting frequency at first. Then

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When Grief Turns Into New Life

Easter is a time of celebration for Christians around the world. This entire weekend also has great symbolic value in the grieving process. When a death or major loss occurs there is a death of

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Living Life Fully After Loss

It can be hard to imagine the mere possibility of living a full life after a significant loss such as a death or divorce, loss of health, retirement, job loss, etc. When someone or something

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Disenfranchised Grief

There are some losses in life that don’t tend to be fully acknowledged as grieving experiences. Miscarriage, still birth, pet loss even job loss and retirement are often dismissed in terms of our need to

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When Disappointments Mount Up

It’s impossible to go through life without experiencing any number of disappointments. Right from the word go we feel the impact of not getting what we want (or think we want). Not getting our wants,

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