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About Yvonne Racine

Yvonne Racine, Life Celebrant and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, is passionately committed to teaching people how to move through the changes of life so they can be free to live fully and enjoy life again. With 25 years of experience working with people in the transformation of their lives, Yvonne not only has the training to be a Grief Recovery Specialist but also has the experience necessary to see them through.

Another Look At Death

 “In the presence of death we stand awkward, and ill at ease; For death is a well-known stranger whom we recognise, but do not wish to know; But death is not a thing in

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Grief Recovery after Job Loss

Work is an essential avenue not only for creating income but also for expressing creativity, contributing to society and feeling productive and useful. When a door closes in our work life it can be quite

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